Haldir, an Elf of Lorien
Haldir, an Elf of Lorien

Haldir, an Elf of Lorien

Date of Birth: ??

Race: Elf

Height: Tall, as is with Elves. 6 feet or more

Spouse: None

Children: None

Physical description: Tall, and probably on the darker side, as is common with wood elves. Though not dark, just more dark than other strains of Elves.

Biography: Haldir, an elf of Lorien, guided Frodo and company to the city of Lothlorien. He was the one who gave Samwise his rope after the stay in Lorien.

Quotes from Haldir

"You cannot go back, Now you have come thus far, you must be brought before the Lord and the Lady. They shall judge you, to hold you, or to give you leave, as they will. You cannot cross the rivers again, and behind you now, there are secret sentinels that you cannot pass. You would be slain before you saw them."

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