David Wenham - Faramir
David Wenham - Faramir
David Wenham - Faramir

Birthdate: September 21, 1965
Birthplace: Marrickville, Sydney
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue
Spouse: None
Children: (1) Eliza Jane Wenham

Biography: In 1998 Wenham received an Australian Film Institute nomination, and the Film Critics' Circle of Australia Nomination for "Best Lead Actor" in The Boys.

Wenham also associate produced The Boys which received 13 AFI nominations. Wenham's other film credits include Better Than Sex, A Little Bit of Soul, Idiot Box, Cosi, Greenkeeping, and is currently in production on Dust co-starring Joseph Fiennes.

Wenham is best known for his role on television's Seachange and was AFI nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role in a Television Drama. Wenham received an AFI for Best Actor in a Leading Role in a Television Drama for both Simone De Beauvoir's Babies and Twisted Tales.

For the theatre, Wenham has appeared in Art and Tartuffe for the Sydney Theatre Company, Hamlet, The Tempest, Cosi, and The Headbutt for the Belvoir Street Theatre, That Eye the Sky for Burning House, and also starred in the Griffin Theatre production of The Boys. source: LordoftheRings.net

Quotes from David Wenham about Faramir

"Faramir has grown up in strange situation... but not an uncommon one. Growing up in a family where he has a father who obviously prefers the oldest son. Sometimes fathers prefer the youngest son but not in this case." - Caltanet Interview (Transcript)

"I'm sure that there is a jealousy from Denethor towards Gandalf of that friendship of Gandalf and Faramir. And it manifests itself in a frustration with the youngest son by Denethor and an obvious preference for Boromir." - Caltanet Interview (Transcript)

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