Boromir Steward of Gondor
Boromir Steward of Gondor

Boromir Steward of Gondor.

Date of Birth: TA 2978

Race: Man of Gondor

Date of Death: 3019

Parents: Denethor II, Finduilas

Physical description: Tall, dark hair, grey eyes, as most men of Gondor. Broad and muscular.

Eldest son of Denethor II, Boromir was a proud man: proud of himself, and his city. After leading the forces against Sauron at Osgiliath, he went to Rivendell to learn of the answer to the dream he shared with his brother Faramir. At the Council of Elrond he was chosen as a companion in the Fellowship of the Ring. Boromir could be credited with Aragorn for saving the lives of the Fellowship on Caradhras, tunneling through the snow to get the party to safety. Boromir was valiant in battle, as he proved in Moria. However, Boromir had been tempted by the power of the Ring since he first learned of its whereabouts, and the temptation finally proved too much for him at Amon Hen, where he attempted to take the ring from Frodo by force. He instantly repented, but his rant forced Frodo's immediate decision to leave the Fellowship, and strike out for Mordor on his own. Boromir was killed shortly thereafter, defending Pippin and Merry from a raiding orc-band.

Quotes from Boromir:
"The Ring would give me power of command. How I would drive the hosts of Mordor, and all men would flock to my banner!"

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